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Chairman Message

On behalf of Modun Sanitary Ware Co., the company of all my colleagues, to care and support over the years our career development and social friends from all walks of life, to express our heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings!
A thousand sails compete, Shanghai floating langtaosha. "Modun people" with passion and dream, meet with China enterprise faces after joining the WTO, a new round of opportunities and challenges. Efforts to optimize the combination of various factors of production, establish and perfect modern enterprise system, to build the core competitiveness of enterprises. Yang to revitalize national industry sail, leading the entire industry vigorous development. Science and technology is the first productivity, innovation is the source of enterprise life, people always attach importance to Modun innovation and investment in science and technology. People oriented, talent introduction, establish a quality of a relaxed environment, make all kinds of talents have a stage to display their talent, welcome a person with breadth of vision to join our common cause. Modun will continue to absorb advanced concepts, methods and ideas, the introduction of new technology, new equipment, continue to provide high-quality products to customers, create high-tech enterprises, to catch up with and surpass the advanced world levels for oneself.
In the love, unity and mutual trust, quality is the fundamental concept of enterprise survival to create advanced enterprise culture, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. Morton people to work, improve work style, diligently, strive for perfection of the spirit, to provide quality products and thoughtful service to customers. The enterprise is the boat, the customer is the sail, Morton's development and growth, can not be separated from the social from all walks of life care and support, but also inseparable from the vast number of users of the trust and patronage. Return to the society, to be a responsible enterprise is Morton people consistent pursuit.
Let the glory and dream, bright and brilliant, always follow you and me, so the times Sinorama, shining Dragon Fly east!

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