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Three packs of commitment:
Free replacement within 7 days
After the date of sale (mail order customers on receipt date) within 7 days (inclusive), if you purchase the product because the quality of the product itself can not be normal use, you can choose a replacement or repair.
Repair more than three times within one year free replacement
1 years since the date of sale (including), if the product because of quality problems can not be used normally after the repair mechanism, my company to repair three times, still can not normal use, you can choose a replacement or repair.
Other aspects: products accessories (such as a water receiving disc, filter) and the shell is not within the scope of the warranty.
Commitment warranty:
1 the one year free warranty (for Modun of all electrical products)
Since the date of sale within a year (including) failure, would you please fault product sent (send) free maintenance to our company factory is located, within 3 working days to repair the company received the product, service end day sent, returned to the customer.
2 Motor three year free warranty (brushless DC motor)
Since the date of sale within three years (including) failure, would you please motor fault sent to my company factory is located, free maintenance, to be repaired by the sales representative is responsible for the reimbursement of the customer after.
The 3 hotline service
When you encounter problems in the process of use, please call: 0577-85227337, provide professional solution by the company's technical staff for you to get the service.
4 beyond the warranty period
In need of repair products beyond the warranty period, the company provides free maintenance. (only charge the cost of replacement parts)

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