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Matters needing attention of choose and buy hand dryer

Buy Hand Dryer should also pay attention to dry motor hand device used in what kind of form. Dry motor hand device used in a variety of ways, a capacitor asynchronous motor, shaded pole motor, series motor, DC motor, permanent magnet motor. Capacitor asynchronous motor, cover hand dryer driving pole motor, DC motor has the advantages of low noise, the disadvantage is slow dry hands, high power consumption, while the series motor, permanent magnet motor driving device for drying hands with large air volume, stem sleight of hand, power consumption low energy advantage, now the new permanent magnet brushless DC motor has combined the above characteristics, low noise, large air volume, has become the best choice for dry hands now.
A, now dry hand speed, environmental protection and energy saving hand dryer is controlled by wind, hand dryer heating type. This hand dryer is characterized by high wind speed, and soon will blow off the hands of water, and the heating function is to maintain the hand comfort usually air temperature between 35-40 degrees. In the fast dry hands at the same time, there will be no burns.
Two, the main parameters for dry hands:
1, shell, shell material not only determines the hand dry appearance, unqualified material may become the hidden danger of fire, hand dryer shell good usually adopt the ABS flame retardant plastics, metal paint, and engineering plastics.
2, the weight, the main is to consider whether the installation position and the material has sufficient capacity to withstand the hand dry weight, for example, cement brick wall can generally do not consider the weight problem, as long as the appropriate installation method, this is not a problem, but if it is a color steel plate and other materials it is necessary to consider the bearing capacity problems, but some manufacturers do hand provide support to solve this problem.
3, color, color is mainly of the problems with personal preferences and the overall environment, there is a food factory, pharmaceutical companies try to choose the hand dry material primary, because the paint dry hands may be volatile, will affect the food or drug safety
4, start, usually manually, the infrared induction in two ways, now to start the way new photoelectric type, is characteristic of fast start, not easily affected by the environment, such as glare may cause the infrared device for drying hands non-stop rotation or their own startup, photoelectric with shielding light entering a way to start, so as to prevent the infrared drying hand problem, also did not touch the hand dry, thus preventing cross infection
5, position sensing, can according to their own need to choose
6, work way, hanging on the wall, bracket, choose according to their own needs, often moving to recommend the use of scaffolding
7, the working noise is usually the smaller the better.
8, hand drying time, the shorter the better
9, the standby current, adjust the better
10, wind temperature, according to their own needs and select the dry type hand and decide, usually choose to run for a long time without burning sensation is appropriate
Three, the suggestion of purchasing:
Buy dried when hand device don't simply look at hand dryer's price, some hand dryer although itself is very cheap, but electrification to tiger general, difficult to control energy consumption. So try to buy low energy consumption products, features low energy consumption is hand drying time is short, relatively low power, can be single calculation, energy consumption = power of time *. And as far as possible they see real products, tried before making a purchase, now a lot of small hand dryer manufacturer hand dryers inferior materials manufacturing, occurrence of shell deformation used continuously for a long time, there are serious hidden dangers of fire.

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